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I am a psychic/medium so my channeling usually involves both. If a client has questions about their future or their current state of being I will connect with a spirit guide or past relative to get them information. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. I receive information in multiple ways but my strongest sense is clairvoyance. I will see a spirit coming through, describe their appearance along with their personality then start channeling them. When I describe them it helps me to connect to them.

Most clients want to see what spirit says and who comes through before asking any questions.  Some clients have a specific spirit they would like to talk to so I will get their first name and see if they come through.  It is not ethical to try and force a spirit to come through. If a loved one took their own life it can be difficult to communicate with them. This can be for multiple reasons including but not excluding being upset, disappointed, even embarrassed about how their life ended. It takes time for them to get to a good place where they are comfortable communicating with loved ones.

When a spirit is channeled their most common way of communicating with myself is through symbolism. They will show me a symbol and or image and I will share it with the client. If it doesn't resonate with the client then i go back up in channel and see what spirit means. Spirit doesn't always give us what we want but more often than not they give us what we need. Readings last for half an hour to a full hour.