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Past Life Regressions

A Past Life Regression is a healing technique where a patient is induced into a relaxed state through hypnosis or mediation which enables them to not only view, but access their past lives. Through something called the Akashic Records during the hypnosis or meditation, an individual has the ability to access their past lives and therefore heal past life issues.  

Many of the issues people struggle with in everyday life can trace their cords back to past lives. Some of these issues include but don't end with depression, anxiety, anger issues, intimacy issues, fears, negative attachments, psychic blocks, confidence issues, difficult family relationships, and physical pain. Past life regression healing is instant and an individual will usually feel emotionally lighter afterwards depending on the size of the issue. My therapy process consists of three past life regressions and an cord cutting/energy healing session using pranic healing. Usually between two and three past lives can be seen in an hour session.

Some of the major issues like for example major depression disorder take two past life regression sessions and a healing session to remove the energy. The past life regression is usually conducted with the patient laying on a couch while the therapist sits in a chair next to them. I do not use hypnosis for my past life regressions because I prefer my clients to feel they are in control.  

A simple relaxing mediation where the client is guided to the akashic records works for my clients. If a client has trouble seeing their past lives they need not worry, because I am clairvoyant and can also see the past lives myself. If need be I can guide a client through a difficult past life until they start seeing. Past Life Regressions can also help a client better understand themselves as well.