There isn't a soul on earth that isn't carrying a burden that they don't understand. You ain't alone with that.  But you been carrying this one for long enough..."

—Bagger Vance, "The Legend of Bagger Vance" 

About Beau

 Beau Lawton is a psychic /medium from Charleston, S.C. who currently resides in the Atlanta area. He was first introduced to the field of metaphysics from his mother's library at the age of 12. There he read a book about Edgar Cayce's work on past life readings and channeling that he found fascinating.  

From there he wanted to be just like Edgar Cayce but was hesitant to pursue it because of fear at such a young age. He received his first reading from a medium, Elizabeth Baron, at the age of 22. The reading really changed his life. He was dealing with some situations that he didn't understand how to handle. With the accuracy of the information of the reading he was able to make some changes in his life and instantly became happier. It was through that reading he found out he had psychic ability.

A year later he, along with his mother and brother, would travel to Cassadaga, Fl for their first in person readings. From then on they would make a yearly pilgrimage to the tiny Florida town for yearly readings. Cassadaga was where Beau was first introduced to past life regression, a technique he now uses in his healing work. Even though he was aware of his abilities in his early 20's it wasn't until his late 20's that he moved to Atlanta, Ga. to develop them. He is a graduate of The Sandy Anasasti System of Psychic Development taught by Carl Woodall and Kelly Keller. He has also studied Pranic energy healing as well.  He now uses his gifts to help as many clients as possible.