What are spirit guides? Who are these spirit guides and why are they there? How many of them do I have? How do I communicate with them? Does everyone have them?...These are just some of the things people ask about during readings. If your a medium, like myself, then you will more than likely bring through spirit guides or past relatives during readings.  

First off, everyone who is incarnated has a group of spirit guides. Spirit guides are just that they are spirits that you have a strong connection too that are there to guide you along your path. Now how many you have and what their responsibilities are depends on what you have decided to accomplish in this life. Most folks have on average between 10 to 12 spirit guides. Some will have more if they are doing psychic or healing work. In this group of guides there will include a Life guide, a protector guide, a health guide, a love guide and a financial guide among many others. Relatives who have past over to the other side will sometimes choose to join your team of guides. If they do then it is safe to say that they have a very strong soul connection to you.  

    The life guide is the one in charge, they will be the one who you have selected before this life to let the others know how and when they can help you. When you get a reading from a psychic/medium the life guide makes sure you get the information that you currently need and not to much. After all you can't know everything that is going to happen in this life and still learn the lessons that you signed up for.  The other guides such as your love guide have more obvious responsibilities.  

Something most people don't understand is that your spirit guides work tirelessly for you on the other side.  Let's say that it is in your soul contract that you are supposed to meet a certain person and that person is on the other side of the planet. Then your guides will contact that persons guides and work relentlessly to find a way for you two to meet. After all free will can only ratify a soul contract so much.  

Your guides are able to communicate with you in many different ways. The most common way for your guides to communicate with you is for them to drop ideas in your head like note cards. Have you ever had a great idea that comes seemingly out of nowhere? Have you ever felt like you were being pulled to a certain place? Or had a feeling that you really needed to reach out to a friend or family member that you haven't talked to in awhile to find out they are not doing well? These are usually ideas or thoughts that come from guides. Another way that your guides can contact you is through your dreams. Your dreams are filled with symbolism from your guides trying to pass along helpful information. The easiest way for you to contact your guides is through a medium that you trust.  

And lastly your spirit guides are not merely your advisers they are much more than that. They are intimately involved in every aspect of your life for the purpose of your benefit. They're able to feel and understand everything you are going through and have gone through. You can even get some of your personality traits from them. So no matter how high or low you are in this life you will always have a group of spirit guides that have your back. You are not alone!