Everyone has multiple past lives that their soul has lived on Earth. Some of these past lives were pleasant and some not so much. These past lives have a profound effect on your current incarnation.  If you suffer from emotional, mental or physical illnesses then the root cause for your condition can be found in past life incarnations.

This is where past life regression can help. Past life regression is where a patient is put in a meditative state and led to the Akashic records through mediation to access their past lives. Through past life regression one can release the energies, karma, that is behind the particular illness. So say for instance a client suffers from major depression disorder then past life regression would be used to access the past lives that need to be cleared to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Depression is a major illness so it could take multiple past life regressions to get that karma released. Every case is different but usually the past lives that create depression are heavy and difficult to see. Past Life Regression can help with many different issues such as depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy, fears or phobias, psychic blocks, physical pains, medical problems and even difficult relationships. Past life regression can also help with understanding your connections to places and people.

Have you ever meet someone and knew in an instance that you liked that person? Or meet someone and not like them at all? Healing starts when you come to realization that you are a spirit with a human body not the other way around and all illness is spiritual in nature. Food for thought: next time you visit a doctor for medication to cover up a symptom, rather then healing the source of the problem, try something different!