What is a soul contract? Why do we have them and why are they important? Can they be changed?

     Every soul that incarnates has a soul contract. The soul contract is an agreement between the incarnated soul and the Karmic Council. The Karmic Council is made up of elders and masters that help souls come up with soul contracts and also help them judge their life when they are in review. Within the contract is the challenges and lessons that the soul wants to learn from. The contract is agreed upon from a soul's free will. That means everything that has happened and will happen to you in this life was agreed upon before you incarnated here.  

    Soul contracts are usually very long, especially if a soul is planning on living a long life and accomplishing a great deal of growth. Souls in this part of the cosmos achieve growth through experience of human emotion, so the most difficult parts of your life are where you grow the most. That would be the only reason that anyone would sign up for difficult situations.  

    Free will is included in the contract so they are always variables in a contract. For instance if a person has in their contract that they are supposed to be with a certain individual and that individual changes their mind or loses their way then a backup plan is always available. Most contracts are made and agreed upon with very strong language so if the soul steps out of the perimeters of their contract the punishment can be quite harsh. The life guide is the leader of your group of guides. Everyone has a life guide and that life guide keeps the incarnate soul on their path by using the contract as guide lines. The life guide makes sure that the other guides don't give away to much information during readings or dreams. 

    Some soul contracts can be amended or even canceled for a different contract all together. A contract being amended is more common than a contract being canceled, which only happens in rare cases. So the soul contract that you signed up for in this life is very important because it is the source of all the challenges and triumphs regarding your current incarnation.